Beer & Wine

Beer & Wine
Convenor: Chad Fofonoff Phone: 250-305-8367

Entry Fee: $0.50 per entry (entries unlimited)

Prize Money: 1st-$2.50, 2nd-$2.00, 3rd-$1.50

SPECIAL PRIZES: Best Beer in Show - Rosette and 6 etched beer glasses from Crofts Brewing

Best Wine in Show - Rosette and $50 Gift Certificate from Wine off the Vine

HIGH POINT: Rosette and Two etched Wine Glasses and a $75 Gift Basket donated by Woodland Jewellers


  1. All entries must have been made by the process of fermentation.
  2. Wine must be exhibited in round 750 ml to 1 liter glass bottles (clear or colored) with screw caps or corks. Liqueurs may be exhibited in 350 ml to 500 ml bottles, as above, screw caps or corks. Beer entries require 2 bottles (with same content) per entry. One for judging and one for display. Screw type or crown cap for beer.
  3. Exhibitor's house label must not be left on bottle.
  4. The same wine, liqueur, beer, etc. may be entered only once in the competition.
  5. Exhibitors may enter a maximum of three entries, (with different content) in each class.
  6. Exhibitor must label computer tags to indicate what variety of fruit content is made from.
  7. Division between sweet and dry is a specific gravity of 1.000
  8. Entries entered in wrong class will be disqualified.
  9. In the absence of competition in any class, the judges will give only such prizes as they deem worthy.
  10. Wines will be judged by International System considering: maximum 30 points
  1. Presentation up to 3 points 
  2. Colour/clarity up to 3 points 
  3. Bouquet up to 4 points
  4. Flavour, balance and quality up to 20 points