Section B - Floral Art

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ENTRY FEE: $0.50 per entry (entries unlimited)

PRIZE MONEY: 1st-$2.00, 2nd-$1.50, 3rd-$1.00

SPECIAL PRIZES: Rosette awards for Best in Show 

HIGH POINT: Rosette and $100 Gift Basket sponsored by Carol Ann Taphorn of Interior Properties


A    Flowers do not have to be grown by exhibitor                            

B    Floral Art may be exhibited in your choice of container unless specified otherwise                            

C    Entries must be no more than 18" wide by 18" deep by 24" high unless specified otherwise               

D    Accessories permitted                            

E    Flowers may be fresh or dried, **NO ARTIFICIAL OR SILK FLOWERS** 

Download the PDF - Page 13 of the catalog     

In the case of a discrepancy, the official entry form is what we adhere to.  Download the WLHF 2019 entry form


1    "Country Roads" an arrangement of wild flowers and grasses    

2    "Tea Time"  an arrangement in a tea cup    with a saucer    

3    "Recycled and Rusty" an arrangement of flowers and local foliage in used container    

4    "Monochromatic Mania" an arrangement using shades of all one color    

5    "Mini Arrangement" an arrangement that is no more than 3" in any direction    

6    "Bloomin' Music" an arrangement    representing a song, must be labeled with song    

7    "Wild" an arrangement using only wildflowers    

8    "Sunny Days" an arrangement in a hat    

9    "Kitchen Kaper" an arrangement that incorporates kitchen utensils    

10    "Celebrate" an arrangement for a special occasion ie: new baby, birthday, grad, etc    

11    "Stunning Sunflowers" an arrangement showcasing sunflowers    

12    "Pirates of the Carrots & Beans" an arrangement illustrating the 2019 Harvest Fair Theme