Section C - Potted Plants

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ENTRY FEE: $0.50 per entry (entries unlimited) 

PRIZE MONEY: 1st-$2.00, 2nd-$1.50, 3rd-$1.00 

SPECIAL PRIZES: Rosette awards Best Potted Plants in show 1-Indoor 2-Outdoor Class 17: Rosettes and 1st-$20, 2nd-$15, 3rd-$10 

HIGH POINT: Rosette and $100 Gift Basket 

Download the PDF - Page 14 of the catalog     

In the case of a discrepancy, the official entry form is what we adhere to.  Download the WLHF 2019 entry form


1    African Violet, one plant    

2    Cactus, one variety    

3    Coleus, one pot    

4    Ivy, one variety, one pot    

5    Jade, one pot    

6    Trailing vine house plant, one variety, one pot    

7    Flowering plant, not listed above, one pot    

8    Foliage plant, not listed above, one pot   

9    Rusty Bucket, as container, any plants, any variety


10    Cacti/Succulent plants, accessories allowed  in novel container    

11    Begonia    

12    Geranium, plain

13    Geranium, fancy        

14    Hanging Basket, any variety        

15    Flowering plant, not listed above,         

16    Most interesting container, any variety of plants        

17    "Pirates of the Carrots & Beans" a container illustrating the 2019 Harvest Fair Theme, not to exceed 36" in any    direction.  Embellishments allowed!  The brighter the better!        

18    Fairy Garden, container must be smaller than 30", all plants must be live.  Judging based on originality, creativity and uniqueness of container