Section I - Needlework & Sewing

Mary Telfer 250-305-1186

ENTRY FEE:  $0.50 per entry (entries unlimited) 

PRIZE MONEY:  1st-$2.00, 2nd-$1.50, 3rd-$1.00 Special 

PRIZES:  Small Rosettes for Class 24 

HIGH POINT: Rosette Award for High Point Class 1 to 20 and Rosette Award for High Point Class 21 to 48 

HIGH POINT:  Rosette and $100 Gift Basket awarded to overall High Point in the Needlework Section 

Download the PDF - Page 22 of the catalog    In the case of a discrepancy, the official entry form is what we adhere to.  Download the WLHF 2019 entry form


A.    VISIBLE BACK means that the inside or back of the article will be judged, as well as the front.   Hanging articles may be left on a stretcher, frame or embroidery hoop.  If mounted, leave an opening in the back for easy viewing.  Cushions may be filled or not, but leave one side open    for judging.  The back of any needlework should be just as neat as the front.                                    

B.    All categories include both children's and adult's fashions.                                    

C.    Entries must be cleaned if previously used.   


1    Top - shirt, blouse, vest etc.        

2    Bottom - skirt, pants, etc.        

3    Dress        

4    Bag - shopping bag, handbag, school bag, lunch bag, knapsack, etc.        

5    Coat or jacket, made from fabric        

6    Doll, can include embellishments        

7    Toy        

8    Kitchen article - place mats, apron, pot holders, toaster covers, etc.        

9    Home accessory        


         Agricultural, mixed media        

         Size - 13" x 31" long        

         Any and all embellishments allowed        

11    Any article - not listed above        

EMBROIDERY (hand stitched only):    


12    Home accessories - table runner, place mats, tablecloth, etc        

13    Pillowcase or cushion        

14    Picture, cross stitch, from pattern or kit        

15    Picture, cross stitch, original        

16    Any article not listed above        




17    Primitive rug hooking with new wool        

18    Primitive rug hooking with recycled wool        

19    Primitive rug hooking, mixed wools or fibre        

20    Punch needle rug hooking        

21    Miniature punch needle hooking        


KNITTING AND CROCHET RULES:                                       

A.    Entries are to be finished.    

B.    Entries are to be clean and blocked.    

C.    Do not mix knitting with crochet    





22    Afghan - over 5' in length    

23    Afghan - 5' and under    

24    Baby Item    

25    "Pirates of the Carrots & Beans" a Skull Toque illustrating the    2019 Harvest Fair Theme    

26    Gloves or mitts - 1 pair    

27    Novelties - any article    

28    Socks - plain    

29    Socks - patterned    

30    Sweater - Any type    

31    Sweater, dog    

32    Scarf, arm knitted    

33    Scarf, Infinity, hand knitted using any type of yarn.      

34    Dishcloth    

35    Afghan - over 5' in length            

36    Afghan - 5' and under            

37    Baby Item            

38    "Pirates of the Carrots & Beans" a Skull slippers illustrating the 2019 Harvest Fair Theme            

39    Cushion - complete            

40    Doily - 16" and over, mounted            

41    Doily - under 16", mounted            

42    Novelties - any article            

43    Tablecloth            

44    Scarf, any type            

45    Sweater, Dog            

46    Any crochet article - not listed above            

47    Dishcloth    


YOUTH SECTION, 13-16 years    


48    Knitting - any article            

49    Crochet - any article